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Q: The largest gland in the human body is ?
  • A: Thyroid
  • B: Pituitary
  • C: Liver
  • D: Hypothalamus
Test Selected: general
Q: if blood group have A antigen so what is antibody of blood group A ?
  • A: B
  • B: A
  • C: AB
  • D: O
Test Selected: NTS
Haroon Khan
Q: Bile contain which enzyme ?
  • A: Lipase
  • B: Amylase
  • C: Hydrogense
  • D: Not
Test Selected: nts
Uzair Abbasi Ghotki
Q: a group of immune cells that mediates the cellular imnmune response by processing and presenting antigenes for recognition by certain other cells of inmmune system is called------ ?
  • A: natural killer cells
  • B: interferons
  • C: antigene-presenting cells
  • D: vaccines
Test Selected: nts
anusha javaid
Q: Red blood cells are produced in ?
  • A: Liver
  • B: Heart
  • C: Spleen
  • D: Bone-marrow
Test Selected: ppsc
Asad Ali
Q: Blood is carried toward the heart by ?
  • A: Arteries
  • B: Capillaries
  • C: Vein
  • D: Non of these
Test Selected: nts
Q: The Diaphragm is human body assist in ?
  • A: Digestion
  • B: Respiration
  • C: Circulation of Blood
  • D: Excretion of waste
Test Selected: ppsc
Muzammil Hussain
Q: Study of Human skin is known as. ?
  • A: Dermatology
  • B: Numerology
  • C: Pharmacology
  • D: Haimatology
Test Selected: general
Q: The earliest symptoms of HIV infection occur: A. When body is not vaccinated B. When body donít produce antibodies C. When body begin to form antibodies D. Immediately after infection ?

Answer: C. When body begin to form antibodies

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: The target cells of HIV are: A. B cells C. Macrophages B. CD4 T-cells D. RBCs ?

Answer: B. CD4 T-cells

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: In HIV, which enzyme is involved in the budding and assembly A. Ligase C. Helicase B. Integrase D. Protease ?

Answer: D. Protease

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: In which phase the phage is regarded as master and the bacterial cell is slave A. Lytic cycle C. Lysogenic cycle B. Prophage D. Temperate phase ?

Answer: A. Lytic cycle

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: In HIV, what is the function of long terminal repeat sequence present on either side of RNA strand ?
  • A: Contain information of structural proteins
  • B: Helps to control HIV replication
  • C: Cause disease
  • D: Control the ability of HIV to infect a cell
Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: All are lentivirus except: ?
  • A: HAV
  • B: SIV
  • C: FIV
  • D: CAEV
Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: In HIV, the protein in the viral core is: A. gp120 C. gp41 B. p24 D. p17 ?

Answer: B. p24

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: Envelope of HIV is made up of: A. Lipopolysaccharides C. Glycoproteins B. Lipoproteins D. Peptidoglycan ?

Answer: B. Lipoproteins

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: What is the range in size of bacteriophage A. 20nm-240nm C. 24nm-200nm B. 40nm-250nm D. 50nm-300nm ?

Answer: C. 24nm-200nm

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali
Q: Q1. What is the morphology of polio virus A. Spherical virus C. Tadpole shaped virus B. Rod shaped virus D. Crystal shape virus ?

Answer: A. Spherical virus

Test Selected: nts
Mohsina Ali

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