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Q: Nouns that end in Y but have a constant before Y form their plural by dropping Y and adding _________. ?
  • A: ves
  • B: es
  • C: s
  • D: ies
Test Selected: nts
Sadia Khan
Q: The _____________speech is also called as reported speech. ?
  • A: Direct
  • B: Indirect
  • C: Indefinite
  • D: Definite
Test Selected: assistant director fia
Aamir Aziz
Q: The___________is the action or description that occur in the sentence ?
  • A: Predicate
  • B: Subject
  • C: Object
  • D: Complement
Test Selected: nts
Asif Ali
Q: The ___________is an exclamation mark. ?
  • A: ?
  • B: .
  • C: ,
  • D: !
Test Selected: ppsc
Rameez Zafar
Q: In _____ Listening the difference between the sounds is identified ?
  • A: Discriminative
  • B: Comprehension
  • C: Dialogic
  • D: Empathetic
Test Selected: nts
Ariba Asif
Q: _________ Listening means learning through conversation ?
  • A: Evaluative
  • B: Appreciative
  • C: Dialogic
  • D: Empathetic
Test Selected: nts
Rashid Bhatti
Q: It is important to consider proper _____ room where you are giving your presentation. ?
  • A: Darkness
  • B: Lighting
  • C: Lightning
  • D: Ventilation
Test Selected: nts
Imran Ali
Q: During presentation using an OHP. One can read information line by line using an opaque sheet to cover the transparency with a view to minimize distraction. This technology is called ___________. ?
  • A: Positive disclosure
  • B: Zero disclosure
  • C: Negative disclosure
  • D: Progressive disclosure
Test Selected: ppsc
Asif Ali

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