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Q: One fourth of one third of two fifth of a number is 15. What will be 40% of that number. ?
  • A: 200
  • B: 180
  • C: 160
  • D: 170
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Iqra Hafeez
Q: What is the mean proportion of 5 and 45 ?
  • A: 10
  • B: 15
  • C: 18
  • D: 25
Test Selected: nts
Muhammad Ayaz
Q: Find the wrong one in the series 2,5,10,17,26,37,50,64 ?
  • A: 50
  • B: 26
  • C: 37
  • D: 64
Test Selected: ppsc
Muhammad Aleem
Q: If A gets 25% more than B and B gets 20% more than C. The share of C out of sum of RS 740 will be ?
  • A: Rs 150
  • B: Rs 200
  • C: Rs 250
  • D: Rs 300
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Muzammil Hussain
Q: If 25 students took and exam and 4 of them are failed, what percentage of them passed ?
  • A: 75%
  • B: 80%
  • C: 84%
  • D: 85%
Test Selected: ppsc
Ali Zain
Q: one inch is equal to ?

Answer: 2.54cm

Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali
Q: one yard= feet ?

Answer: 3 feet

Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali
Q: one yard = metter ?

Answer: 0.914

Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali
Q: what fraction of an hour is a second ?
  • A: 1/24
  • B: 1/60
  • C: 1/120
  • D: 1/3600
Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali
Q: complete the number series: 9,10,13,18, ?
  • A: 21
  • B: 23
  • C: 25
  • D: 29
Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali
Q: complete the number series. 3,7,6,5,9,3,12,1,15 ?
  • A: 21
  • B: -3
  • C: -1
  • D: 13
Test Selected: ppsc
Sajeel Usman Ali

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